G3TR Transistor Tester on Arduino-DUE

This little work is in memory of a great man, who honored me with his friendship: Pino Rizzitano.


This is the Arduino-DUE version of my G3TR Transistor Tester that everyone can easily build (DIY). All components required, apart an Arduino-Due board, are just two 10K resistors and a microswitch. I’ve made two different versions of the software to experiment with the SAM3X8E hardware:

  • In the first one I use the  direct  ARM processor registers manipulation. So, each register is accessed  by an “unsigned long” pointer and I gain the complete control of ARM processor hardware registers ( using C language ): g3trDue.
  • In the second one  I use the software drivers provided by Atmel: g3trDriverDue .

Anyway, in both versions, the Arduino IDE is just used to compile and upload the sketch to the board.

G3TR Transistor Tester

G3TR Transistor Tester