Transistor Tester G3TR on Arduino

This is the DIY Transistor Type Recognizer  Arduino version. An  expansion board that contains two resistors and a button switch is what you need to build the G3TR ( I used the same expansion board realized for the propeller chip P8X32A ). Just only  two 10K resistors and a serial terminal program are needed to implement a simple and powerfull digital Transistor Tester .The circuit allows to test any type of transistor ( npn,pnp, n-channel, p-channel ) both low or High Power. The program tell us if the transistor under test is working or not and which is his type for example: NPN-BJT, PNP-BJT, NCHANNEL-MOSFET, PCHANNEL-MOSFET. The program test diode too and tell us where the Anode is attached ( RED CABLE or BLACK CABLE). Devices broken or shorted are decoded too.
The Arduino source file with schematic is: g3trArduino